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Diversity @ Fawn Beauty

As a makeup artist, I often get asked questions about ability to work on different levels of skin tones. In my runway career I have worked with people of every skin tone, shade, texture, facial feature, you name it.

As a makeup artist, I have always striven to be inclusive in my work. I believe every person has unique beauty, and I work to bring out that beauty I create looks that transcend ethnicity, culture, ability, and age. On a technical and professional level, I am considered top in the industry, and have decades of experience creating incredible looks for people of all backgrounds. Check out some of my work to see what I mean.

Whether working with a celebrity, a bride-to-be, or a person just looking for a little self-expression, I am passionate about making sure the techniques and products I use are appropriate for each unique individual guest. I understand that makeup is a reflection of one’s own personal identity. While the same makeup techniques apply, special attention needs to be paid to the unique textures, tones, and shapes of all types of skin. I am personally very passionate about making sure that all beings, no matter their complexion, look and feel beautiful and confident.

I also strive to be a part of the ongoing conversation around inclusivity in the industry. I’m an advocate for diversity in representation, pushing for more inclusive advertising campaigns, and celebrating our differences. I am proud of the progress we have made, and look forward to championing inclusivity within the beauty industry for years to come.

My goal is to make every being feel most beautiful. I strive to make sure that every guest I work with knows that they are not only appreciated, but also seen and celebrated. Makeup should be an expression of who you are and I am passionate about helping my guests showcase their unique beauty.

I want our guests to know that at our studio we strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone. We believe that makeup should be for everyone and emphasize respect for all genders, ages, abilities, cultures and backgrounds. We are committed to diversity within our studio and seek to provide equal opportunities for all. Our team is dedicated to providing a safe and supportive space for all guests and strive to treat each person with respect, acceptance and compassion.